Having difficulty logging in?

This website is for registered users of Secure File Transfer.
There could be a few reasons why you may be having difficulty logging in. The following is a list of possible reasons to bear in mind:
  • Did you know that passwords and usernames are case sensitive?
    Double check that you haven't accidentally activated the CAPS LOCK key.

  • Are you sure you typed the username and password correctly?
    If the username is "Will.Smith" then "William.Smith" will not work. Check you know the exact spelling of your username and password.

  • Did you accidentally type extra spaces in the password or username?
    Usernames and passwords do not include spaces.

  • Has your account been locked out?
    If login details have been entered incorrectly 3 times, your account will be locked. By default, the lockout period is set to 15 minutes. After the lockout period expires, you can attempt to login again.

  • Have you forgotten your Username, Password or Memorable word?
    Contact us to request a password reset.
If you have checked all of these and still cannot get in, please contact Leicester City Council directly and a member of the team should be able to help.

  • School users (maintained/academy schools)
    Ask your Head Teacher (or Deputy, Acting etc.) or Business Manager to email from a recognised school email address (e.g.

  • External organisation users
    Contact the team within Leicester City Council that you need to send files to and ask them to submit an ICT Portal request to create a new account.

  • Leicester City Council users
    Ask your line manager to submit an ICT Portal request to create a new account.


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Legal Notice
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